Mental Traveler: A Father, A Son, And A Journey Through Schizophrenia

How does a parent make sense of a child’s severe mental illness? How does a father meet the daily challenges of caring for his gifted but delusional son, while seeking to overcome the stigma of madness and the limits of psychiatry? W. J. T. Mitchell’s memoir tells the story—at once read more


1. “I Need to Become Homeless”
2. A MAD Tour
3. The Therapeutic Landscape
4. “There’s Something in My Head”
5. From Desolation to Da Jewels
6. Flying and Falling
7. Diagnoses and Detours
8. “He Killed the Future”
9. He Was Too Strong for His Own Good
10. Gabe’s Back Pages
11. Philmworx
12. The Immoral Career of the Caregiver
13. On the Case of Gabriel Mitchell

Postscript Poems by Janice Misurell-Mitchell
Gabriel’s Email to the Family, on Grammy’s Death
Further Reading and Viewing