Other Stuff I Done


1981  “The ayatollah stole christmas”  actor

1982  “The pirates of penzance”  U of c  actor

1991  “kenwood drama club”  actor

1991  “Those Damn kids”  kenwood  tech. support

1991-2005  “cube”  roadie

1999  “labor of loathe”  tech. support

1999  “open mic”  The green mill

2001  “open mic”  gourmands coffee house

2004  “meisner technique”  Artistic home


1985  “field theory of physics”  continues developing

1994  “picture theory”  quoted on malevitch

1998  “American dreamers”  screenplay

1999  “awakenings review”  co-editor

1999  “love is…”  poetry.com

2002  “A brief history of light”  graphic novel

2002  “the politics of dreams”  screenplay

2003  “my back pages”  screenplay

2003  “we know which way the wind blows”  Heartland journal


1979-2004  Mentor chicago street gangs

1993  Hyde park little league–coach

1994  Hyde park soccer–coach

1996  prosumer award in education–thresholds

1999  prosumer award in group therapy–thresholds

2000  prosumer award in writing–thresholds

2001  prosumer award in vocational training–thresholds

2001  g.e.d. tutor humboldt house

2002  prosumer award social work–thresholds

2003  screenwriting instructor–chicago screenwriters group

2004  prosumer award in art–thresholds

2004  creative writing tutor–kenwood academy

2006  prosumer award in vocational program–northwestern memorial hospital


1984  jewelry and pottery for artisans 21

1991  captain and mvp–kenwood soccer

1991  kenwood rowing team

1992  Naftzger landscaping

1993  seminary co-op bookstore

2002-11  singer/songwriter  “variations”–folk music

2002-11  associate at jewel-osco

2003-08  model for alex freund studio–photographer

2005  Outsider art–judy saslow gallery