How can you be gone

To Gabriel from Mom, June 27, 2012


How can you be gone
When all around you swirls
the love for you and from you?

How can you be gone
When yet we see your sculptures, drawings
Photos, films and videos —
Read your screenplays, hear your songs?

When we see you in our mind’s eye
Walking, floppy hat and baggy
pants and backpack, cigarette
Quiet, staring, thinking
Do we know what you are hearing?
What your mind wants you to follow?
Why it pushes you from all
Who love you, want to love you,
hold you in their hearts?

You are gone you are gone you are gone – you are you are

You exist now in another form, a form we make
Of memory, writings, visions, objects

We will not have your humor, your embrace,concern for others
Your moods, your anger, your painful accusations
Your beauty, your playfulness, your energies, your joy
Your helpfulness, your growth, your ever-new abilities

You are gone you are gone you are gone
You are
You are with us
You are with us still
You are with us still in silence
In memory
In works
In deeds
In love

We know that you will never see your dreams –
Of spouse and children,

But you have not ended —
As you have said, thoughts travel faster
Than the speed of light
And love can last in depth forever
Although you gave up life,
I cannot give you up
I will not give you up to death
I will not give you up

For me you are not gone
Forever for me you will not be gone
We will try, with all our love,
To make you live
For the rest of our lives

You are not gone, You are not gone

— Mama, Mamacita, YoMama, YoYoMama, YoYoMaimonades, Momice, Mom
June 27, 2012